More silly nonsense of importance to no one but me…

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Trying WordPress from the iPad 2.

May 18th 2011 Uncategorized

Don’t mind me…

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… I’m just being a geek and seeing if I can really post to my blog from my iPhone. :-)

November 29th 2010 Uncategorized

It’s A Great Day For Hockey!

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April 8th 2010 Uncategorized

Eating Dumplings In Pajamas

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My cousin Kellie has started a new blog called “Eating Dumplings in Pajamas”. It chronicles how she, her husband and child are adjusting to life in Shanghai after living in London for nearly a decade…Check it out…it’s hilarious!

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Jersey Todd and the only OAG opener in the world…

Happy Birthday Sara….and thanks for making the OAG artwork on the cover art for this show!

Starting to catch up…

Rediscovering podsafe music

John Taglieri – How Will I Know

FaceBook and my life

I’m just me

Wojo says hello

Podsafe Music

Kevin Reeves – Shine

Catching up with kids soccer

Rutgers/Yankees/Devils and Giants oh my!

How’s the weather?

Matthew Ebel – Drive Away

Sean Mormelo – Had Enough

Some very special thanks….

Listen to the show here!

See ya!

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I know I haven’t uploaded anything new recently….but at least I made some changes to the look and feel of the web site!  Take a look around and let me know what you think!

August 9th 2009 Babbling

More vacation stuff

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We took a jeep tour through Custer State Park to see the Buffaloes/Bison up close and personal….While this video is long, it’s only about half of what I filmed!

July 3rd 2009 Uncategorized

What I did on my summer vacation…

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This is a quick video I did of some of our visit to the Badlands National Park in South Dakota…I’m going to try to do some other videos in the days coming with footage from the rest of our stay in the Black Hills…

June 29th 2009 Uncategorized

Waunakee Wild Girls Soccer

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Sara’s team won their group at the Reddan Spring Shootout this weekend here in Madison. I thought I would put together a quick music video with some of the highlights from the weekend. Hope you enjoy!

iPod Format

Flash Format

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April 19th 2009 Uncategorized

We Are One

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We Are One, originally uploaded by Presidential Inaugural Committee.

Two native New Jerseyeans rocking some ‘change’ in our nations capital.

January 18th 2009 Uncategorized